"If there is anything I can trust is my eyes"

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Our  Story

Olga Fisch Folklore is an Ecuadorian brand founded in 1942 by Olga Fisch, a Hungarian Jew and Bauhaus artist who came to Ecuador in 1939. As soon as she set foot in Ecuador, she fell in love with Ecuadorian folk culture.

 During her lifetime, Olga lost several art collections, which is why she had promised to never collect again. However, that promise was quickly broken upon her arrival. Mesmerized by the colors, textures, and traditions of folk art, she began to collect and curate the first popular art collection in Ecuador, which would later tour the world.

 Olga's arrival in Ecuador had such a profound impact on her that she soon started applying what she saw and collected into different designs. This led her to work very closely with artisans, providing them with a platform to showcase their skills and talents. Among her most famous designs are her rugs, which have been featured at the MoMA, the Lincoln Center, the UN building, and several other renowned collections.

At Olga Fisch Folklore, we believe in the power of co-creation and collaboration. Recognizing the immense talent and skill of local artisans, we work closely with them to develop and refine their craft, providing resources and training to enhance their techniques. By fostering this collaborative process, we strive to empower artisans and contribute to the growth and preservation of traditional crafts. Together, we create unique and meaningful pieces that embody the rich cultural heritage of Ecuador.

 Olga Fisch




Our Mission

At Olga Fisch, our mission is to empower Ecuadorian artisans and preserve the cultural legacy of our nation. Inspired by the vision of Olga Fisch, we are dedicated to creating exquisite pieces that embody the essence of Ecuadorian culture, while providing support and opportunities for artisans to flourish.

For over 80 years, we have been a haven for talented artisans, nurturing their skills and craftsmanship to produce unique and high-quality creations. Guided by four generations of women, we proudly carry forward Olga Fisch's legacy, ensuring that our traditions and cultural heritage continue to thrive

Join us on a journey that celebrates the beauty, authenticity, and craftsmanship of Ecuadorian folk art. Each piece tells a story, woven with the threads of history and the vibrant colors of our diverse culture. With every purchase, you become a part of our mission to support artisans and preserve traditional crafts. Together, let's embrace the artistry and cultural richness that Olga Fisch Folklore has to offer.

"If there is anything I can trust is my eyes" 

Olga Fisch

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