"If there is anything I can trust is my eyes"

We are 100% Ecuador

Inspired by our heritage and our history we are committed in preserving our culture, tradition and identity through our designs.

Peguche Tote Bags

Discover Ecuador Through Our Eyes

Antisana Cardigan

Our Antisana cardigan is hand knitted using premium quality artisanal sheeps wool. Each sweater is carefully hand knitted by women from the northern Andean region of Ecuador. Browse our colection.

Chonta Caspia Trays

Our Chonta Caspia tray set is artisanally made using chonta caspia and tagua nut. This set is hand carved by our skilled artisans.

Filigree Earrings

The jewelry of our country is woven with fine threads made of silver. Every detail is taken care of with great precision, these erings are handmade, respecting and taking care of every part of the process and tradition.

New Arrivals

Macana Shawls & Ponchos

Hand selected pieces from our home selection for this cooler tones selection!

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