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Antisana Cardigan

Our Antisana cardigan is hand knitted using premium quality artisanal sheeps wool. Each sweater is carefully hand knitted by women from the northern Andean region of Ecuador. Browse our colection.

Golden Hualcas

Golden like the fields of wheat and corn, the sun and wealth of our highlands. Our Hualcas are made of crystal beads covered with gold. This beautiful necklace is worn traditionally by women in the central andean region of Ecuador.

Filigree Earrings

Filigree is one of the oldest and more complex techniques in jewelry. It is characterized
by the use of very thin threads of silver that undergo a very detailed process
to be shaped and weaved into beautiful pieces. Ecuadorian Indigenous women use
this beautiful jewelry as part of their traditional costumes.

Peguche Tote Bags

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