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Shigra Sonia

Guirachuro Poncho Collection

Discover Ecuador Through Our Eyes

Curiquigue Poncho

Our Curiquinge  poncho is hand made in a traditional foot pedal loom with hand dyed artisanal sheep’s wool. This beautiful piece is carefully woven by Alonso Pichamba in Peguche a small community located in the northern Andean region of Ecuador. 

Vegetable Ivory

Tagua is a very special palm tree nut that grows on the Ecuadorian rain forest. It is known as the vegetable ivory due to its attractive creamy and white color that closely resembles the elephant tusk. Discover a variety of product made using this incredible nut.

Iris Pulli Sweater

The Iris Pulli is hand knitted  using premium quality artisanal alpaca wool. Our sweaters are carefully hand knitted by women from the northern Andean region of Ecuador. Each sweater comes with a tag containing the story of the person who made it.

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