"If there is anything I can trust is my eyes"

Olga Fisch

We are 100% Ecuador

Inspired by our heritage and our history we are committed in preserving our culture, tradition and identity through our designs.

Discover Ecuador Through Our Eyes

Hand Knotted Rugs

Hand knotted with the Turkish knot, 65,500 double knots per square meter, hand dyed with color fast dyes in 100% Ecuadorian artisanal sheep wool. This rug was designed by Olga Fisch and is inspired in traditional amazonian textiles. 

Flora Placemat Sets

 Our toquilla placemats are hand woven in the coast of Ecuador using toquilla straw and the napkins are hand embroidered by our talented artisans from Zuleta. 

Shigra Cossbody Bags

We are absolutely in love with the uniqueness of each shigra, so we decided to turn this century old handbag into a modern day accessories that adds uniqueness to every scene. Shigras are perfect for a day of adventuring, a relaxing beach afternoon or just simply a day at work.

Luxury Crafted Bags

Olga Fisch Tapestries

Our Home Selection

Hand selected pieces from our home selection for this cooler tones selection!

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