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Quipus Tapestry



Our tapestries are hand woven using artisanal sheep’s wool and a traditional foot pedal loom respecting and embracing our traditional practices.

Olga Fisch designed the Quipus tapestry in the early 1950’s. It is inspired in the ancient South American recording device used for bookkeeping known as Quipus.  

 This Tapestry is hand woven on demand please allow 15 days for this item to ship. 


Handmade by:

 -Yarn spinning and dying by Alsono Pichamba using 100% sheep's wool.

 (Imababura, Ecuador) 4 days

 -Hand woven using a traditional foot pedal loom by Segundo Conejo         (Imbabura,Ecuador) 7 days.

 -Bead embroidery and macramé knotting by Elizabeth Vasquez 

  Olga Fisch Studio.

  (Quito,Ecuador) 4 days


Three artisan participated in the making of this piece. Each tapestry is unique in its kind due to the process of elaboration.



24.8" (0.63 cm )  x 63" (160 cm) 


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