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Ayora Tote Bag

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Our Ayora tote bag was design to be your every day accessory, very comfortable, spacious and versatile. This bag is 100% handmade in Ecuador using artisanal sheep’s wool hand dyed and woven by Maria Ines Catucuamba.

Handmade by:

 -Yarn dying by Alonso Pichamba using 100% sheep's wool.

 (Imababura, Ecuador) 

-Handwoven fabric  by Maria Ines Catucuamba.

 (Ayora, Ecuador) 

 -Sewing by Elizabeth Vasquez  Olga Fisch Studio.




Artisanal sheep's wool fabric, leather strap, and waterproof linning with a convinient pocket and brooch. 


20.8" (53 cm) Height x 19.6" (52 cm) Width

Strap 17.3" (44 cm) Height 

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