Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi es una fiesta religiosa católica, que celebra la Eucaristía. La fecha originalmente coincidía con las festividades del solsticio de verano, antes de la cosecha, celebradas tanto por las tribus andinas aquí asentadas al momento de la conquista incaica, como después por los mismos Incas. Es de suponer entonces que, siendo originalmente una fiesta […]

Chonta: Indigenous wisdom to exclusive design

Text: Carolina Matheus It’s hard to believe that a scrawny palm with long aggressive thorns covering its entire trunk could have such a wide variety of uses for man. In fact, since ancient times, the chonta palm has been important to the livelihood of indigenous peoples in the Amazon region. Also, today, artisans are taking this precolombian […]

Tigua Paintings: Condor Descendants

Text: Carolina Matheus “Pachamama and Pachakamak gathered the forces of the universe together to create the Sacred Messenger. Father Sun, Mother Moon, the rivers, trees, the winds, the stars, all lent their energies to the task.  Taita Cotopaxi and Mama Tungurahua filled the sky with lava and Ash… Wise men performed ceremonies with fire and […]

Capturing the Divine

In old-town Quito, the large organic shapes of brightly colored candles stand in sharp contrast to the crisp white walls of the recently restored La Ronda Street. These multihued religious candles that resemble bouquets are known as cirios. They will certainly draw you into the shop where they are sold. Perhaps candles are alluring due to the warmth and […]

Salasaca Tapestries

  Who hasn’t heard of Otavalo’s Open Market reputation for Ecuadorian handicrafts? Yet people don’t know there are other interesting indigenous markets hidden in the Andean highlands. This is the case of the picturesque Salasaca Market, located in the Tungurahua province 13km from Ambato City. Here, one can find a market in the main plaza, […]

Zuleta: Identity on a String!

  When the belligerent Incas reached Ecuador, they mostly found peaceful communities which were easily subdued. However, this was not the case of some ethnic groups, such as the Caranquis, found in the northern Ecuadorian Andes. As mentioned in XVI century documents, even the mighty Inca Huayna-Capac struggled to penetrate the Caranqui fortress; its remains […]

Beautiful Hand-Made Rugs Spread Ecuadorian Creativity and Culture

Text: Carolina Matheus Photos: Martina Orska To think that it was a rug which opened the way for a weaving tradition, which still continues today!  This is the case of beautiful Guano rugs which have played an important role in promoting Ecuador’s cultural richness throughout the world.  This is because the textiles patterns are based […]